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Organic Fertiliser Golf CoursesOrganic Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer – for Golf and Pitch and Putt Courses

Is 100% Irish, Natural, Organic Seaweed Liquid Extract!

  • Offers essential micro/macro-nutrients for the healthy growth of turf
  • Helps alleviate plant stress as a result of environmental conditions
  • Improves the symptoms of Nematode Stress
  • Reinforces turf resistance to mechanical stress
  • Boosts natural immunity of turf to develop a stronger and healthier root system
  • Enhances the natural and healthy turf green colour

The primary concern of golf course superintendents is the maintenance of turf-grass quality on facilities subjected to regular close grass mowing and high traffic levels. Combined, these factors create stress on plants. The problem is compounded by the use of inert sand based media, which in contrast to sand/soil greens have a poor buffering capacity and require high quantities of nutrients and irrigation.

Betterplants seaweed extracts have been developed to help turf grass managers to maintain high turf grass quality in the face of these many problems. The application of Betterplants liquid and dried milled seaweed extract significantly increased grass growth, leaf tissue N, P, K and Fe, grass colour and stress tolerance levels.

Organic Fertiliser for Golf Courses1

Betterplants dried milled seaweed without additives is widely used on amenity grasses such as golf greens. Applied to the greens it stimulates soil microbial activity and leads to significantly deeper rooting. Turf and lawns benefit from improved natural colour through the seasons and tolerance to drought conditions.

Used as a soil improver, it builds up the humus structure of the soil, stimulates microbial activity, and provides a range of micro nutrients as well as vitamins and alginates. A single application provides a slow-acting, long lasting plant food which is broken down over a period of months by the soil bacteria providing a health benefit to all crops grown.

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