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20ltr Phylgreen Organic liquid seaweed fertilizer



Phylgreen 200

  • Phylgreen contains active components that are preserved by our gentle low temperature cold extraction process
  • These active components include Alginates, Mannitols, Polysaccharides and Polyphenols
  • Phylgreen components influence germination and sprouting, flowering and fruit set, and reduce the impact of climate and salinity stress
  • Phylgreen naturally contains hormone-like plant activators that actively promote vegetative and root growth
  • 100% water soluble so will not block sprayers or dripper’s
  • Does not contain artificial hormones

Grassland (2 Litres per acre)

  • • Higher resistance to nematode stress (Laminarins)
  • • Improved grass colour
  • • Higher resistance to drought stress and faster recovery (trials: 2 days recovery after drought stress, using 20% less water) (Mannitol)
  • • Increased microbial life within the soil
  • • Greater efficiency of N,P,K,Mn,Mg
  • • HIgher leaf density
  • • Improved root development

Wheat / Barley / Maize (1 Litre per 100 litres of water)

• Improved root development

• Reduces the damaging effects of pathogens and pesticide treatments

• Higher yield

• Higher resistance to drought and frost

• Increase microbial life within the soil




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