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Why use the Better Plants Products?

Benefits of the Better Plants Range

  • Improves nutritional value of crops – our soils are generally short in selenium and iodine and half our diets are short in iodine, regular applications of seaweed gets these valuable minerals into our soils and crops
  • Promotes additional buds when applied as the plants are beginning to bud
  • Helps to Produce, sweeter fruit- Cytokines are natural plant growth hormones found in seaweed, they increase sugar levels in plants, resulting in robust growth and sweeter fruit
  • Helps seeds to sprout- seaweed retain their micro-nutrients, natural amino acids and plant growth hormones, these work together to assist disease like damping off and assist seed germination
  • Treating seeds or seed pieces with Liquid Seaweed prior to planting will improve seed germination, root growth, and early seedling
  • Seaweed has more than 70 minerals, vitamins, and enzymes
  • Extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting
  • Several university studies have shown that seaweed can produce dramatic results in plants: geraniums produced more flowers per plant; grapes were sweeter; gladiolus corms grew larger; and cucumber yields increased 40 percent and the fruits suffered less often from softening and rotting. Improved yields after seaweed treatments were measured in potatoes, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, okra, and oranges. Better frost tolerance, increased seed germination, and greater capacity to absorb trace elements were other documented benefits for plants
  • Another major component in liquid seaweed fertilizers are the hormones. The main hormones in seaweed are auxins, gibbelerins, cytokinins and betaines. The roles of these hormones are essential to plant health. Most of these are only required in very small proportions. There are many different auxins and they all have their specific roles. Their main functions are the balanced control of speed of growth. They have both growth stimulating as well as delaying functions. They stimulate root-growth, prevent bud-forming or opening at the wrong times
  • Research at major universities has shown that seeds soaked in seaweed extract germinate more rapidly, have larger root mass, stronger plant growth and higher survival rate. Soaking plant roots in seaweed extract reduces transplant shock and speeds root growth
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