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We source all our seaweed from Irish suppliers and make sure they are a 100% Natural product. We have been using seaweed products in our garden for years and found that there were a lot of products on the market that did not really do what they would claim to do, that they had a lot of chemicals in them and some were so watered down that the goodness was gone out of the seaweed.

A lot of the other plant food out there is exactly that, just food for the plant, they do nothing for the soil. We set about looking for a product that was not only natural and would not only feed the plant but also feed the soil, as over-use of the same soil will result in poor crops resulting in the use of these chemical plant foods more often.


We have some really great suppliers around the west coast of Ireland who hand harvested seaweed called Ascophyllum nodosum, which is a particular brown algae species living in “Extreme” conditions. It had to adapt to 2 periods of emersion of 6 hours in any 24 hours of a full year which explains part of it’s specific Natural composition. Any liter of better plants produced is traceable right to the exact location and date of harvesting of the corresponding seaweed, along the Eastern Atlantic Irish shoreline. This cold water shoreline is particularly rich in minerals and remains unpolluted by heavy Metals.

Many commercial extracts contain low amount of processed seaweeds but high levels of additives. The Better Plants range is based only and purely from 100% fresh seaweed. The user is therefore able to properly assess the real benefits of the seaweed after regular applications based on low concentrations. The purity and the integrity are obvious by the characteristic odour of the fresh seaweed and the green-olive colour identical to raw seaweed. In addition, low temperatures do not alternate the general composition of the seaweed polysaccharides.

We also supply a range of natural and organic animal feed. These products are made from 100% organic seaweed.

We use this milled seaweed to feed all the animals on our farm and we find that all of our animals seem to be a lot healthier as a result. We find that more and more people are using Better Feeds products because they are 100% natural, organic and have all the vitamins and minerals to keep your animals healthy.

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