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Organic Fertilisers :FAQs

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal matter or plants. Processed organic fertilizers include compost, humic acid, amino acids, and seaweed extracts. Organic fertilizers are chemical free and have less of a carbon footprint. They are better for your plants and crops and really reduce the need for artificial fertilisers which in a lot of cases force the growth of the plants and don’t add much nutrients to the plants, crops or the soil.

Seaweed is regarded as one of the best organic fertilisers. Our Liquid seaweed is made from 100% natural renewable seaweed with no added chemicals, seaweed has been used for century’s as a fertiliser and as a food source. Betterplants unique liquid seaweed is designed to maximize crop production and yield. It will help with seed germination and will reduce the patches in the grass. Betterplants liquid seaweed fertilizer is designed to maximize crop production and yield. It has more than just a fertiliser effect on your crops & plants, it's able to regulate the expression of the genes of the crop/plant. Will help them to develop better & to be better protected against the environmental stresses. Its a bio-stimulant & when applied to crops it will improve their growth and development working one 3 levels

1. Nutritional efficiency: The plant is more efficient, taking nutrients from its environment and using them.

2. Stress Resistance: Crops are more tolerant to environmental stresses & abiotic stresses (cold & drought)

3. Quality: Better yield, better quality crops.

Yes defiantly, Organic fertilisers are more about looking after the soil long term and providing your plants with key nutrients to help it develop better. Organic fertilizers have been around much longer than artificial, but thankfully more and more gardeners and farmers are getting back to the more natural way for looking after the soil and crops. Also, if you are growing your own why would you want to use chemicals on something you are going to eat. Thinking long term, you want the soil to produce for many years to come and not just putting on a product that is designed to force growth in plants. Using an non-animal origin fertiliser is also important Organic fertilisers are made from a natural renewable source leaving them more environmentally friendly, And yes they are better for your plants than artificial ones , I have been growing my own vegetables for over 15 years and all I use is organic and all I promote is organic.

Herbs in most cases are grown in containers indoors and out, in these containers the soil can dry out quickly and this will cause stress on your plants and if left for a long time the plants will die. You need you look at a slow releasing soil conditioner that will help with water retention, something you can add to the compost when planting, I personally use organic granular seaweed soil conditioner this helps keep the herbs healthy and its slow releasing, and it will hold the moisture around the roots better. Also, I would recommend a liquid feed, because you are using the herbs regularly you want to encourage new growth and reduce stress on the plants.

When thinking of a fertilizer for your vegetables you need to look at a few things. You want a fertiliser that will protect your plants, less plant stress, that will also help your soil, and increase yield, you will need something for the soils and a liquid feed you can apply during the growing period. 1. When planting seed I use the liquid seaweed to help with gemmation, simply spray the seeds with the liquid. 2. I use organic seaweed and some chicken pellets on the soils. 3. When transplanting I use Betterplants Root Booster on the roots this helps with transplant shock and will help with root development. 4. I use the liquid seaweed one a week on all the plants all year round that keeps the plants healthy you will see the difference in the colour of the leaves.

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