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Worm Tower Special Offer

Better Plants Worm Towers reduces household waste and feeds your garden at the same time. These towers are designed to work all year round making them a safe and simple way to compost. They can be fitted in any part of your garden, rockeries, flowers beds, vegetable patch.  


How To Start Composting And Reduce Your household waste In Half

We will be covering; Hot Composting getting the mix right. Cold Composting Compost bins ( keeping them rodent-free) Leaf mould & collecting Wormeries and making a low cost homemade, collecting liquid feed. How to compost 100% of food waste, meat, fish, bones and make compost from these Two amazing Added bonuses with your purchase: FREE eBook on how to Leave a legacy by composting Valued € 20 A Free one to one gardening / composting coaching video call.


Bokashi Bins Twin Pack + 8 Months bran

[embed][/embed] 2 bins in + 4kg of bran The bokashi bin is a Japanese system that pickles your waste (bokashi means fermentation) and ideally suits small spaces.


Bokashi Bins



3kg Bokashi Bran

3kgs of  Bokashi Bran. It will last up to four-six months using two bins. *illustrative image.



The Power of Microbe

Better Plants Soil Hero is a revolutionary microbial product that introduces beneficial microbes into the soil, naturally breaking down organic matter and improving nutrient availability.

These microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the soil and root system, helping them absorb more nutrients and water, resist disease and pests, and grow healthier crops with less chemical fertilisers.

Adding Better Plants Soil Hero to your soil can increase soil organic matter and improve soil structure, making it easier for roots to grow deep and strong.

This leads to improved water-holding capacity, reduced soil compaction, and increased aeration, all promoting healthier plants and higher yields.
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