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Slurry Bugs

Better plants bio-slurry inoculant is a strong and reliable substitute for chemical fertilizers and farmyard manure. Better plant bio-slurry inoculants are a great source of plant nutrients. These Bio slurry inoculants outweigh chemical fertilizers in many aspects, such as lower prices that in turn reduce the production cost of farmers. Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programmesurveyed the use of bio-slurry as fertilizers, and surprisingly the satisfaction rate among users was 91. Better plants' bio-slurry comes in the form of inoculant that exists in powder form, thus ensuring a uniform spread of bio-slurry on the soil.   What are you waiting for? Go and grab your bio-slurry extra strength inoculant now!    


Seaweed Licks for Horses

BOOST HORSE HEALTH WITH BETTERPLANTS HORSE LICKS  Betterplants Seaweed Horse blocks are manufactured using Irish Organic hand-harvested seaweed. The blend of seaweed we use is unique and, due to its range of essential natural elements, minerals, vitamins & amino acids, will help boost your horses health.  Why Seaweed licks?  Betterplants seaweed horse licks are the … Seaweed Licks for Horses Read More »


Hedging Pack

Better Plants Hedging Bundle is a super combination of soil & plant additive that contains plant-based enzyme that binds to the nutrients in the soil making them much more available to the plant. Contains 1 x 10 kg Seaweed soil conditioner 2 x 1Ltr bottles of Liquid seaweed 1 x 500ml Root Booster  1 x 10 l NPK pellets



The Power of Microbe

Better Plants Soil Hero is a revolutionary microbial product that introduces beneficial microbes into the soil, naturally breaking down organic matter and improving nutrient availability.

These microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the soil and root system, helping them absorb more nutrients and water, resist disease and pests, and grow healthier crops with less chemical fertilisers.

Adding Better Plants Soil Hero to your soil can increase soil organic matter and improve soil structure, making it easier for roots to grow deep and strong.

This leads to improved water-holding capacity, reduced soil compaction, and increased aeration, all promoting healthier plants and higher yields.

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