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Seaweed Organic Pet Supplement – 4 Tubs

Special Offer 4 Tubs for the price of 3 150g Tubs Betterplants’ Seaweed organic pet supplement is saturated with a variety of essential nutrients and has an additional function to make sure your pet’s overall health is in a good place.


Portable folding Car Dog Stairs

Nonslip Folding  Dog Stairs for all Cars and SUV, Trucks & Boats, Lightweight Easy Folding Suitable for large & small dogs  Let your pet cuddle safely with the help of Portable Folding Stairs. Give a safe pathway to your best friend if he’s unable to reach your car, bed, or couch. These lightweight, foldable stairs will give your best buddy the freedom to get on and off the car all by themselves without any support. These stairs are lightweight and easily portable, and you can quickly move them around your house or carry them outdoors. Also, these are durable and strong enough to support up to 200 pounds’ dog/cat, and all sizes of pets from small to the medium can confidently walk up and down these stairs without any fear of wobbling or sliding away. These stairs are easily foldable, and when not in use, you can fold them flat and slide them under your furniture. The folding stairs are fabric-covered, and also the nonskid feet let the pets walk up and down conveniently. Enjoy a safe ride with your pet with the foldable car


Pet Hair Allergy, Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency Testing

How to know that your dog has an allergy or vitamin deficiency? Or if he needs a special diet? Try Betterplant’s affordable allergy testing kits to know if your beloved dog or cat suffers from a mineral deficiency or having an inhalant allergy. If your dog or cat shows any symptom of severe hair loss, difficulty in moving, or any joint pain, inflammation, or dry or itchy skin, then it's time to do an at-home allergy test


Irish organic seaweed Supplements for dogs and cats- 150gr

Better Plant's seaweed supplement for dogs and cats is one of the most organic minerals richer diet supplements. Our Kelp for dogs is 100% organic and hand-picked from Ireland's coastal areas, where the brown seaweed is harvested in abundance.



The Power of Microbe

Better Plants Soil Hero is a revolutionary microbial product that introduces beneficial microbes into the soil, naturally breaking down organic matter and improving nutrient availability.

These microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the soil and root system, helping them absorb more nutrients and water, resist disease and pests, and grow healthier crops with less chemical fertilisers.

Adding Better Plants Soil Hero to your soil can increase soil organic matter and improve soil structure, making it easier for roots to grow deep and strong.

This leads to improved water-holding capacity, reduced soil compaction, and increased aeration, all promoting healthier plants and higher yields.
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