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ULTIMATE Soil & Plant Treatment Pack

The Ultimate gardening pack: You will get.. 1 X  Cold Processed liquid seaweed 1 x Root Booter 1x 10kg Granular seaweed 1 x 10L Soil Pellets 1 x Tomato feed This pack will give the soil and plants everything they need for the growing season. When the soil has the right balance of nutrients,  the plants will be healthier and more resilient to pests and diseases. This pack contains Our Unique cold processed liquid seaweed. The liquid is my go-to product right from the start.


Tomato growers Pack

This pack has everything you need for growing the best tomatoes. All our products are natural and organic so you can be sure the tomatoes and vegetables you are eating are 100% chemical free and safe for your family. In this pack, you will get. Cold processed liquid seaweed ( for misting your plants) Tomato feed ( feeding the roots) High in potash. Root Booster for healthy roots 10kg bag of granular seaweed This pack is perfect for all your garden needs if you are growing strawberries, flowers, or hanging baskets. They will keep all your garden plants healthy.  


The Liquid Trio

2 X 1L Liquid seaweed 1 X 500ml Root Booster 1 X 1L Tomato feed x


The Garden Box

The Garden Box (5  FREE PACKS OF SEEDS + SEED TRAY) For a limited time ONLY The Graden Box contains 1 x 1l Organic liquid seaweed 1 x 500ml Root booster 1 x Tomato feed 1 x Seed booster 1 x 10l Soil improver pellets 1x 3kg Organic granular seaweed 1 x 3 in 1 Slug & Snail repellent 5 packs of organic seeds + 1 seed tray


The Big Sky Growers Starter Pack

Nutritional efficiency, The plants is more efficient in taking nutrients from its environment and in assimilating them. 1l Liquid seaweed + 10kg granular seaweed Illustrative images only. Packaging might differ due to availability.


Super Green Pack

A 100% natural and organic seaweed fertilizer product. Provides scarce nutrients and trace elements to the soil for healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant plants. Also improves nutritional value of crops.


Spring Soil Treatment Pack

[embed]https://youtu.be/hKCQKGw_rB8[/embed] Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants Your soil was busy all spring and summer growing veg and flowers; during the growing season, these plants will have used up a lot of nutrients in the soil. Now is the perfect time to replace the nutrients so the soil will be ready in the spring for planting. Adding seaweed to your soil will give it a natural boost of nutrients. These are products are 100% natural and organic. Seaweed contains over 20 times more nutrients than any known land plant. The NPK pellets will improve the soil structure and these pellets are unique as they contain bio-active insect chitin, it will boost the soil and improve root development and plant growth, we have seen amazing results and they reduce the impact of aphids. Organic matter is so important for the soil to increase the worm activity in your garden.   Brian Kearney Great product and easy to scatter on the soil


Soil & Grass Treatment Pack

Pack contains 20 L Greener Fertilseing Solutions 40 l Humic Acids,   We have put together these two fantastic products, combined will boost the soil and plants. Both products should cover 10 acres.  


Rooted in Wexford – Grow Along Pack

The Perfect starter pack ( 1x 500ml Root Booster) + ( 1x 3kg granular seaweed) Mark from rootedinwexford is seeing such amazing results using our products, he wanted us to do a special pack for his followers.


Premium Lawn care offer -1ltr Betterplants Complete Organic Lawn Care + 10kg Granular Seaweed

  Revitalise your garden with BetterPlants Complete Lawn Care (1x 1L) and Granular Seaweed Pellets (1X 10kg), a complete pack of a dynamic mix of soil nutrients, natural soil conditioners, and biostimulant plant growth boosters. The ultimate combination of Complete lawn care liquid and Granular Seaweed will ensure the long-lasting and balanced health of your lawn on the go. Provide a complete pack of nourishment to your lawn and rejoice in a balanced four-season healthier lawn.


Potato Growing Pack

Give you potatoes the best fertilisers with betterplants soil improver pellets and liquid seaweed.  


Hedging Pack

Better Plants Hedging Bundle is a super combination of soil & plant additive that contains plant-based enzyme that binds to the nutrients in the soil making them much more available to the plant. Contains 1 x 10 kg Seaweed soil conditioner 2 x 1Ltr bottles of Liquid seaweed 1 x 500ml Root Booster  1 x 10 l NPK pellets



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