3kg Bokashi Bran

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3kgs of  Bokashi Bran. It will last up to four-six months using two bins.

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Bokashi Bram
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Bokashi Bram
This item: 3kg Bokashi Bran 30.00 30.00
1 × Bokashi Bins 64.99
1 × The Liquid Trio 40.00
1 × 5ltr Milled seaweed 18.00
What can be used as bokashi bran?
Bokashi bran is a medium for bokashi bins, They are microbes to live on in your bins and a great source of carbon.
Our bran contains billions of selected microbes, It speeds up the fermenting process in your bokashi bins. Add 10-20g of bran to each layer of food waste will convert all your food waste including meat, fish, bones into a pre-compost mix in just 4-6 weeks. Simply add the fermented mix directly into the soil or into your compost bin.

What goes into our bokashi bran?

Yes, you can make your homemade bokashi bran if you have the time and equipment. There are 3 main ingredients, Water, Sugar, wheat bran and rice bran. Each of these is vital for the bokashi bins to perform at their best and for the microbes to thrive and work.

When you add the bran to your food waste, these microbes will multiply and ferment the food waste.

This system is one of the best there is for pre-composting food waste.


Weight 3 kg

7 reviews for 3kg Bokashi Bran

  1. Katharina Walter (verified owner)

    Everything great

  2. Sarah H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase!
    Think I’ll have enough for the year!

  3. Stephanie Battle (verified owner)

    Love the Bokashi bin and bran. Truly is such a convenient way to compost and my plants LOVE IT!

  4. Apple (verified owner)

    I love my bokashi bin and the bokashi bran I get from you guys! I’m still new to using it but I find it so satisfying to be able to compost so many things from the kitchen. Hardly any food waste go to my black bins now except for the moldy ones. And the best part is I get to make my own compost fast. It’s so valuable. Also appreciate the fast delivery and helpful customer service. Thanks guys!

  5. Anne Hurley (verified owner)

    Great service

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Liam (verified owner)

    Very content with Bokashi and the prompt delivery. Thank you.

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