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Greenfly killer is one of the most vital plant protection products that can help your plants save from harmful insecticides. This natural and instant-acting greenfly killer makes sure that it provides your plants great safety against the dangerous new attacks that can spoil your plants’ quality.

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Greenfly Killer

If you are wondering what these greenflies are, then here is your answer:

greenfly, aphid, sap-sucking

  • They are one of the prominent garden pests and members of aphids. So it would be a bit tricky to get rid of them, and they won’t be brought to an end using any ordinary chemical product.
  • They feed by inserting their delicate tabular month parts into the cells of your plants.
  • They are considered one of the most potent pesticides, so you will need to work hard to end their army.
  •  There are many kinds among them with distinct host and life periods.

Let’s talk about the virtuousness this greenfly killer withhold in itself. This naturally developed spray helps you eliminate these cringe-worthy entities without harming the plants and without the use of harmful chemicals. The most applaudable features of these products are :

  • The spray alters the PH levels of the plants. This repels the insects from plants.
  • The sprays do not contain any harmful ingredients that will harm the quality of your plants.

Benefits of Green Killer Spray

·    Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

The better plants greenfly killer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. If you wish to use this spray in your home where your plants are located, you can safely use it and the plants in your gardens.

·   Long-period Protection

Once you have sprayed this product over your plants or any other edible item, its effectiveness will last for four weeks or more.

·  Ideal To use on Fruits and vegetables

Greenfly killers can use this spray to kill insects spread in a vast amount on fruits and vegetables. Through this spray, you can easily get rid of these insects and protect your plants for a long period.

Preventive Measures

  • Do not overuse this product.
  • If necessary, use an alternative product
  • Do not spray in the bright light of sunlight.
  • Avoid spraying the blooming parts of flowers.
  • Read the label behind the product to save yourself from any harm.

Why buy Better plant’s Greenfly killer?

As you can see that this product is quite beneficial for your plants in saving them from harmful insecticides, so we cannot deny but accept that this is the best greenfly killer. This product comprises safe chemicals, ensuring that your plants’ quality remains the same even when we spray on the plants. If you are on a hunt for the best greenfly killer, you should indeed check out the Better Plants brand. Their product has some great ingredients which will ensure long-term security from infectious insects.


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3 reviews for Betterplants Greenfly killer- 1l

  1. Marie McDermott (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and products.

  2. Jenny D. (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this product yet but wanted to have it on hand should any greenfly appear on my plants this year. Looking forward to trying it out. Super quick delivery and great customer service.

  3. Margaret Purcell (verified owner)

    Great product, gets rid of the green flys Betterplants Greenfly killer- 1l

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