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The Big Sky Growers Starter Pack


Nutritional Efficiency: The plant becomes more efficient in extracting and assimilating nutrients from its surroundings.

1l Liquid seaweed + 10kg granular seaweed

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It’s important to note that all our products are 100% natural and free from chemicals. We source Irish seaweed through hand harvesting in regions like Donegal, Mayo, and Galway, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability.

We employ a distinctive method for creating the liquid product, known as gentle extraction. This process enables us to preserve all the vital nutrients and trace elements found in the raw seaweed, ensuring the final product is rich in these valuable components. Unlike other products on the market our product is green, this is because no heat or chemicals are use in our process.

Our organic liquid seaweed delivers more than just a fertilizing effect on plants and crops. It has the ability to regulate gene expression within the plants, and it’s rapidly absorbed into the plant’s cells when applied as a spray.  Additionally, it aids in the development of plants and crops, making them more resilient and better equipped to withstand various environmental stresses.

To sum it up, our liquid products are biostimulants, which are substances or microorganisms that, when applied to plants, enhance their growth and development by working on three fundamental levels.

How it works
  1. Nutritional Efficiency: The plant becomes more proficient in extracting nutrients from its surroundings and efficiently assimilating them.
  2. Stress Resistance: Plants become more resilient and tolerant to a range of environmental stresses, including abiotic stresses like cold and drought. This is particularly beneficial for plants cultivated in polytunnels and greenhouses, which can face challenges during the summer months, such as soil drying out quickly due to lack of air circulation and excessive heat, or potential issues from overwatering.
  3. Quality and Yield: The plants exhibit improved flowering and enhanced crop production. Fruits can be sweeter and, in some instances, larger.

Seaweed serves as an effective biostimulant, particularly during crucial growth stages and in mitigating environmental stress conditions. The outcome of the gentle cold extraction process is a green, fully soluble liquid extract. This extract contains vitamins, antioxidants, pigments, macro and micronutrients, aligantes, polyphenols, and amino acids, all contributing to its potency as a plant growth enhancer.


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