Bokashi Bins Twin Pack + 8 Months bran

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2 bins in + 4kg of bran

The bokashi bin is a Japanese system that pickles your waste (bokashi means fermentation) and ideally suits small spaces.

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Bokashi Bins


How do these bins work?

Firstly there are two bins in the pack plus 4kg of bran. 

Step 1. Add food waste to your bin, lots of regular food scraps and of course, the magic of these bins you can add meat, bones, and fish, cooked or uncooked. 

Step 2, Sprinkel a half scoop of bran into each layer of scraps, The bran is very special it’s a microbe-infused bran that converts/ ferments the food waste into waste packed with microbes and micronutrients.

Step 3, When the first bucket is full of waste, seal the lid and do not open it for 10-12 days. Bokashi Bins work on the anaerobic process, which means no air is needed to complete the process. Therefore there will be no smells from the bins. 

Step 4.  Drain off the liquid produced from the waste; you can use this liquid on your plants, it contains lots of nutrients and micro-organisms your plants and soil will thrive on. 

Step 5. After two weeks, empty the bins directly in the soil or add them to a compost bin to finish off the process. The fermented waste from the bins is packed with billions of microbes and nutrients (pre-compost) mix. When added to the soil or compost bins, these garden-friendly microbes immediately benefit the soil structure and plants living in it.

Microbes and the building block for the soil. Without microbes, the soil would be useless and less fertile. 

The bokashi bin is a Japanese system that pickles your waste (bokashi means fermentation) and ideally suits small spaces. You need two containers (they can be kept indoors) and particular bran inoculated with good bacteria. In goes all your cooked and uncooked kitchen waste and a sprinkle of the magic bran.

Do bokashi bins work? They work by fermenting 100% food waste, including meats, fish, bones, dairy products.

Is bokashi better than composting? I like to look at a Bokashi as a pre-compost; it’s one of the best systems I have used; fill leave for 2-3 weeks, add to your compost bin or directly to the soil and let the microbes do the work.
How many bokashi bins do I need? There are three in our house, and we cook everything, so two containers are perfect for us.

Do bokashi bins smell? No, they don’t smell at all. If anything, just has a slight smell, slightly acidic. Bokashi bins are unique

; we put raw fish, meat fat, and cheese with no odour.

Do worms like bokashi? In my experience using Bokashi Bins & Bokashi bran, worms love the waste they produce. If you have a wormery, add it in small amounts at the start.

Can I use bokashi in the compost tumbler? Yes, you can add Bokashi waste to your tumbler bins but make sure you have lots of brown carbon, as composting is all about getting the balance.

How do you use bokashi in the garden? Bokashi bins make the best FREE liquid fertilisers of nutrients and are alive with beneficial micro-organisms.
Mix the liquid from the Bokashi Bins at a rate of 100-1 as it’s powerful.




Weight 2 kg

12 reviews for Bokashi Bins Twin Pack + 8 Months bran

  1. Jonathan Pierson (verified owner)

    Really good quality items and excellent customer service and advice.

  2. dan healy (verified owner)


  3. Elena (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and fantastic products.

  4. Marion C. (verified owner)

    Thank you for my order . Very fast and effecient service

  5. Pauline Cody (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase of bokashi composting bins and bran. Fast and easy transaction.
    Bokashi Bins Twin Pack + 8 Months bran

  6. Anne Molloy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Bokashi bin for over a week and finding it great. I live in an apartment and have it half full with food waste and there really is no smell at all. Delivery was very quick and looking forward to making compost.

  7. Katherine W. (verified owner)

    Thank you for the very prompt delivery of the bins and bran. We are half way through filling the first bin and are looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks time.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very promp delivery, very happy, too early to say how the Bokashi bins perform, but I’m excited.

  9. Sean (verified owner)

  10. james (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick & convenient.

  12. Raymond Murphy (verified owner)

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