How To Start Composting And Reduce Your household waste In Half


We will be covering;

  1. Hot Composting getting the mix right.
  2. Cold Composting
  3. Compost bins ( keeping them rodent-free)
  4. Leaf mould & collecting
  5. Wormeries and making a low cost homemade, collecting liquid feed.
  6. How to compost 100% of food waste, meat, fish, bones and make compost from these

Two amazing Added bonuses with your purchase:

  1. FREE eBook on how to Leave a legacy by composting Valued € 20
  2. A Free one to one gardening / composting coaching video call.
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Why Compost?

1. Composting reduces waste, makes us less dependent on landfills, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Compost strengthens soil and promotes healthy plant growth.

3. Composting reduces the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

4. Composting recycles essential nutrients back into the soil.

5. Compost promotes a prolific soil ecosystem.

If you choose not to compost?

  1. More waste going to landfills and costing you money.
  2. Less environmentally friendly
  3. Buying lesser quality compost for your garden
  4. More waste around your house ( grass cutting – leaves)

Leaving a legacy by composting

Every day, half of what gets thrown into your bin could actually be turned into nutrient-dense organic compost which is basically nature’s fertilizer. By starting a compost, you could save money on chemical fertilizer, make your yard look amazing  and feel good about yourself by doing something great for the planet. All around win.

What would happen if everyone composted?

According to the Composting Council, if everyone in the United States composted all of their food waste, the impact would be equivalent to removing 7.8 million cars from the road. In addition to the greenhouse gas benefits, composting at UCSF contributes to a closed-loop system.

“composted organic waste is a very valuable resource. It can be used to feed your garden, potted plants, greenhouse plants, window-box flowers etc”

Is Composting easy?

Yes 100% but it takes a little effort and learning to do it properly. For me composting is second nature and its something I’m very passionate about.  As a child I remember My father building an area in the garden for all the food waste and leftovers from the garden. I was always  amazed to see it turning it into the soil. It may be where my passion for composting and worms came from.

As a gardener or non-gardener, there is nothing nicer to see how nature can turn foods & pater waste into soil/compost it is truly amazing.

We have developed this course that will bring you, step by step how to compost. Learning the different methods available to you.

  • The importance of composting
  • Getting the mix right browns and greens
  • Setting up a compositor and taking care of it.
  • Making your own wormery and how to harvest liquid worm castings
  • Gathering leaves and making leaf mulch
  • How to compost all foods including meats, bones, dairy, fish.
  • Reducing paper and cardboard waste.

This course is going to be really fun and informative and you will have the knowledge to set up your own home composting system.

As an added bonus you will get a free downloadable eBook  And a free 1-1 call with me after the course if you need some help.

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“If you had asked me a year ago what I thought about composting, I would have gave you a strange look and said nothing. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t know how to make a compost. I didn’t know what to put in a compost. And I definitely did not know why composting was important” But after watching some of Ollie’s videos and arranging a 1-1 video call with Ollie to help me kick started my composting journey.  Now thanks to Ollie’s help I have been making my own compost for over a year, I consider myself a composting connoisseur. And have my own homemade wormery thanks for all your help Tracey Mc Williams UK




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