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Easy to assemble 4ft X 4ft Vegetable beds 9×2 Without grids


Using Betterplants Square foot gardening system,  starting your own vegetable garden has never been easier, these raised beds come pre-made, and lined out so all you have to do is add in soil and plants / seeds

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Easy assemble veg beds
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Easy assemble veg beds
This item: Easy to assemble 4ft X 4ft Vegetable beds 9x2 Without grids 78.00 78.00
1 × The Liquid Trio 40.00

Easy to assemble 4ft X 4ft Vegetable beds 9×2 Without grids.

No nailing or screwing

Simply just find a sunny spot for it in your garden and fill with soil and plant.

These beds are made from 9×2  treated timber.

Square Foot Gardening 


Starting your own organic garden has never been easier. We have designed these square foot raised beds to make it easy for you to start growing within days of getting your magical garden. For instance getting the timber and tools needed to make your own raised bed might be an issue. This kits are really easy to assemble , no nailing or screws needed simply  decide where you are going to put, (south facing is always best)   just slot it together, fill with soil and the first step is done. Why not check our our Online Gardening course Grow Your own Nutrition, this will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

In this section, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why Square Food gardening is so amazing. Firstly with our Easy assemble vegetable, beds starting your own vegetable garden has never been easier. Secondly these raised beds come with grid growing system so all you have to do is add in soil and plants / seeds. Thirdly and most importantly no digging involved and you can grow more in less space.

Lets look at why you should choose this system 

  1. Square foot gardening is an excellent way to start your own vegetable garden.
  2. Using Betterplants Square Foot Gardening, you can plant only what you need, stagger what you plant, and you will have less waste.
  3. You can make the most of your space and maximise your productivity.
  4. Less  wastage Using our system, you only ever plants what you need.
  5.  Betterplants Square Foot System’ simplifies this making planning your garden a whole lot easier.
  6. We can show you how to  make a packet of seeds last up to 2-3 seasons if safely stored.
  7. Using less water.
  8. Planting in 1-foot squares is the most efficient way to plant.
  9. These raised beds are delivered right to your door and all you have to add is soil and plants/ seeds
  10. They come with a weed protector on the bottom so within a few hours of getting your raised bed you can start planting.
  11. This one is 3 ft X 4 ft & 6 inches high this is the perfect height for growing vegetables, using our mix.
  12. We will send you a list of things to get so you can be prepared for when you get your raised bed

In this paragraph I’m going to discuss how so much time and effort it takes when you are not using this system. Firstly A lot of times gardeners plant too many seeds or plants. Secondly then spends lots time and energy thinning them out to their desired spacing. Thirdly Setting out a standard garden can seem daunting when you are new to vegetable gardening. Most importantly digging up your back garden is so much hard work. In conclusion Square foot gardening will save you a lot of work and you will produce more in less space.



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