Hedging Pack

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Better Plants Hedging Bundle is a super combination of soil & plant additive that contains plant-based enzyme that binds to the nutrients in the soil making them much more available to the plant.


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Hedging Pack
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+Organic seaweed fertiliser. Save you money with amazing results.
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Hedging Pack
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1 × Greener Fertilising solutions - 40L 270.00

Hedge Pack

Planting a new hedge? You are investing a lot of money in this new hedge. It’s important to keep it at its best. Hedging needs extra nutrients and fertiliser to get off to the best start and to keep it healthy.

The pack contains 1 x 10 kg granular seaweed ( put this into the hole before planting) will help with water holding around the roots. 1 x 10l Pellets have valuable slow-releasing NPK for the hedge.

Super Root Booster, water directly onto the roots with betterplants root booster before backfilling the hole. This help with root development and transplant shock.

Betterplants Cold processed liquid seaweed, This is a foliar feed, which means you spray directly onto the leaf of the plant. Plants absorb up to ten times more nutrients through the leaves. Spraying with this liquid will protect the plants from stressful conditions and also boost the plant’s growth.

“At betterplants We have the solution to all your gardening fertilisers needs”

Firstly Betterplants Gardeners Bundle is a super addition to your garden. Secondly, It is the perfect combination of soil & plant additive that contains plant-based enzyme that binds to the nutrients in the soil making them much more available to the plant. Thirdly and most importantly this Bundle of gardening fertilisers are designed by gardeners for gardeners  to feed and boost the microbial activity making them extremely productive and efficient delivering converted raw fertilizer to the plant.

Developed by gardeners for gardeners.

Firstly We are betterplants have been growing our own vegetables for over fifteen years. Ollie Greene is always looking for ways to nourish the soil and plant at the same time. We have found most products are designed to force feed plants and take from the soil. Leaving to less nutritious vegetables and less fertile soil. This is why Ollie had put together this The “TERRIFIC TRIO ”  Gardening fertilisers , Our products are chemical free and safe for human and animal life and nature. Foster healthy soils and optimal growth conditions for plants, enabling high yields and good quality crops.  Moreover Using these three products will GREATLY increase nutrient uptake to the plant, removing nutrients from the soil that can leech and become a nutrient pollutant.

Together they  Softens and builds crumb structure in the soil as it enhances polysaccharide production by aerobic soil microbes. Improves water penetration and retention in the soil by solubilizing minerals to enhance water infiltration


  • Leaf-friendly liquid formula
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Improves yields and flower bloom
  • Hastens plant maturity and root establishment
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance
  • Enhances disease resistance
  • Stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes
  • Easy to use liquid formula
  • Use year-round!

How to use:

Granular, add to your soil before planting 100g per m2 rake of dig into the soil. , Mix in with potting compost.

Liquid seaweed, use weekly to spray all plants, 20-30ml mixed with 2ltrs of water, spry on seed to improve germination,

Root Booster Use when transplanting , Add 100ml of root booster to 5l water, dip the roots into the mixture before planting. Also you can Mix in watering can and apply to the roots of the plants. (this will improve root growth)


Benefits of Better Plants Dried Milled Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

  • This is a 100% natural and organic product
  • Provides scarce nutrients and trace elements to the soil
  • Healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant plants
  • Improves nutritional value of crops
  • It’s very cost effective
  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • Greener foliage
  • Improves water retention
Superb Soil Conditioner
  • Gives all gardens a quick acting “pick me up”
  • Turns sticky clay soils into friable soils
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity
  • Allows increased plant uptake of trace elements
  • Improved root mass
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Improves nutritional value of crops
Benefits of Better Plants Organic Seaweed Fertiliser Liquid

Better Plants Organic Seaweed Fertiliser Liquid – Use this excellent organic plant feed every week  during the growing season and watch your plants, grass, vegetables and crops thrive from the natural nutrients and vitamins they need to keep healthy.

  • It improves seed germination
  • Increases root development
  • Reduces plants stress brought on by replanting, drought, frost, poor air movement, lack of light,
  • Enhances and maintains the natural colour of the plant.
  • It lowers the dependency on chemical N-P-K fertilisers
  • It has more than 60 chelated nutrients

Better Plants liquid seaweed is a valuable product in its own right, but even more dynamic when it is used in combination with our Granular seaweed fertiliser. By using liquid and granular together, you will provide your garden with a dynamic mix of nutrients, soil conditioners and naturally occurring growth stimulants, ensuring both long and short- term benefits.

Together they provide a complete and balanced health for all of your plants and the results will be fantastic!!!

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  1. Rhona O’Connell (verified owner)

    Have not tried it on plants yet but looks good for the season ahead.

  2. Louise (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Excellent product.

  3. Nicola H. (verified owner)

    Excellent quick service. Looking forward to seeing the results

  4. Ina (verified owner)

    Very happy with products, delivered next day

  5. Bernadette Canavan (verified owner)

    Got it collect the box today .

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