Soil & Crop Booster Bundle


Pack contains 20 L Greener Fertilseing Solutions

40 l Humic Acids,


We have put together these two fantastic products, combined will boost the soil and plants.

Both products should cover 10 acres.


Frequently bought together
+Liquid seaweed Urish
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This item: Soil & Crop Booster Bundle 290.00 290.00
1 × Greener Fertilising solutions - 40L 254.00
1 × Super Green Pack 32.00


Would you like to reduce your fertiliser bills?

Farmers Save money and time Give Your grass & Crop the complete fertilising treatment.
Discover the power of betterplants 2 in 1 soil & plant liquid fertilisers.
It’s everything you need.

What is the best liquid fertilizer?

Easy, Uniform Application,

Using betterplants liquid fertilisers is simple, safe and more accurate. Your crops and soil get an even amount of nutrients. Unlike When you spread granular fertilisers on your fields, the fertilisers is not even leaving some parts lacking in nutrients.

We supply,  liquid organic fertilisers.

Fast Acting,

Another benefit of betterplants liquid fertiliser is the liquid penetrates the plants and soil immediately, giving your grass or crops an instant boost.

What does liquid fertilizer do

Diversity in Application,

You can mix this liquid with any other sprays you’re using, and it will enhance their performance and saves you time spraying twice.
Healthier Plants

Betterplants Liquid fertilisers are more than just a fertilising effect on your grass & crops.
Betterplants liquid fertilisers are premium biostimulants when applied on the plants, will improve their growth and development, working on 3 levels

Nutritional Efficiency, Your plants are more efficient at taking nutrients from the soil and using them.
Stress Resistance, Your crop’s are more tolerant to environmental stresses & abiotic stresses, Drouth & cold
Quality & Yield, Improved Crop production

Discover the benefits for yourself first-hand, try it on some of your Crops this season.

Step 1: Spray the Humic liquid on the soil; when organic matter is depleted, Humic Acids are lost. The ground needs organic matter and Humic acids to have a good soil structure.

When there is a lack of organic matter & humic acid in the soil, the soil will lose the glue or web that helps bind and holds it together; as a result of this, the earth is weakened and loses structure. Spraying the Humic first feeds the soil and unlocks the valuable nutrients in the ground. We recommend spraying this on at a rate of 2-3 L per acre.

Step 2. Liquid Seaweed is a foliar feed for the leaf. The crop or grass will absorb the nutrients ten times faster by the leaf than up from the roots. It is absorbed within 3 hours after spraying. It will protect the crop from environmental stresses and gig your crops and boost of valuable nutrients, Mixing rate 1- 2l mixed with 100l water per acre.

Weight 60 kg


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