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Soil & Grass Treatment Pack


Looking for a powerful, all-natural solution to boost crop yield and quality?

Look no further than our website! Our liquid seaweed, liquid nitrogen, and humic acid products are specially formulated to give your crops the nutrients they need to thrive.

Our liquid seaweed is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that promote vigorous root growth, improve disease resistance, and increase yield.

Our liquid nitrogen provides a readily available source of nitrogen that supports healthy leaf growth and improves overall plant vigour.

And our humic acid helps to improve soil health by increasing nutrient retention and water-holding capacity, making it easier for your plants to access the nutrients they need.

With our products, you can rest assured that you’re giving your crops the best. Our formulas are carefully crafted to provide optimal nutrition and promote healthy growth so that you can enjoy more extensive, better yields and healthier plants. Our liquid formulations are easy to apply and absorb quickly, making it simple to integrate into your farming practices.

So why wait? Discover the power of liquid seaweed, liquid nitrogen, and humic acid for yourself! With this ten-acre pack.




Betterplants products are all 100% certified organic
the worlds safest farming products , safe for the environment, wildlife, you and your family ,

The Ultimate Liquid fertiliser pack, a ten-acre pack

This pack contains

40l Liquid Humic acids (apply 4+ litres per acre early spring before or during rain. This is a soil treatment, so it can’t be mixed with the liquid seaweed are liquid Nitrogen)

20l Liquid seaweed ( apply 2 litres per acre)

10l Liquid Nitrogen (use 1 litre per acre mixed with the seaweed & 100 litres of water per acre mixt with seaweed)

Would you like to reduce your fertiliser bills?

Farmers Save money and time. Give Your grass & Crop the complete fertilising treatment.
Discover the power of betterplants 2-in-1 soil & plant liquid fertilisers.
It’s everything you need.

What is the best liquid fertilizer?

Easy, Uniform Application,

Using betterplants liquid fertilisers is simple, safe and more accurate. Your crops and soil get an even amount of nutrients. Unlike When you spread granular fertilisers on your fields, the fertilisers is not even leaving some parts lacking in nutrients.

We supply liquid organic fertilisers.

Fast Acting,

Another benefit of betterplants liquid fertiliser is the liquid penetrates the plants and soil, giving your grass or crops an instant boost.

Liquid Fertilisers

Betterplants Liquid fertilisers are more than just a fertilising effect on your grass & crops.
Betterplants liquid fertilisers are premium biostimulants, when applied to the plants, will improve their growth and development, working on three levels.

Nutritional Efficiency, Your plants are more efficient at taking nutrients from the soil and using them.
Stress Resistance, Your crop’s are more tolerant to environmental stresses & abiotic stresses, Drouth & cold.
Quality & Yield, Improved Crop production

Discover the benefits for yourself first-hand, and try it on some of your Crops this season.

Step 1: Spray the Humic liquid on the soil; when organic matter is depleted, Humic Acids are lost. The ground needs organic matter and Humic acids to have a good soil structure.

When there is a lack of organic matter & humic acid in the soil, the soil will lose the glue or web that helps bind and holds it together; as a result, the earth is weakened and loses structure. Spraying the Humic first feeds the soil and unlocks the valuable nutrients in the ground. We recommend spraying this at 2-3 L per acre.

Step 2. Liquid Seaweed is a foliar feed for the leaf. The crop or grass will absorb the nutrients ten times faster from the leaf than up from the roots. It is absorbed within 3 hours after spraying. It will protect the crop from environmental stresses and gig your crops and boost valuable nutrients; mixing rate 1- 2l mixed with 100l water per acre.

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