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Rooted in Wexford – Grow Along Pack


The Perfect starter pack
( 1x 500ml Root Booster) + ( 1x 3kg granular seaweed)

Mark from rootedinwexford is seeing such amazing results using our products, he wanted us to do a special pack for his followers.


In this pack you get.

1X Root Booster, Well Healthy Roots, Healthy Shoots = Healthy plants.
Betterplants Root booster is made from a unique mixture of natural products. Dipping the roots of your plants into the mixture before transplanting with.
Reduce transplant shock
Improved water-holding capacity around the roots.
Helps the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus & trace elements.
Provide a beneficial environment for the development of soil microbes.
Spraying on the soil before sowing seeds will improve germination.
Promotes early vigour & root development.
Produces stronger, healthier plants.


3Kg Granular Seaweed

Dried Milled Granular seaweed.
Firstly Seaweed is one of the oldest and most natural fertilisers and soil conditioners you can use in your garden. My own experience using granular is amazing. I don’t have much topsoil in my garden which leaves me to buy in soil which brings its own issues. The soil was really sticky and unworkable when I added the granular seaweed it really helped to break down the soil and after some time I had lovely fluffy soil.

How to use.
Secondly, Betterplants granular seaweed is the perfect fertiliser for all your gardening needs. Moreover, It’s so safe to use so it not going to harm You, the plants or wildlife. For flower beds sprinkle around a good had full per square metre and rake it around the plants and shrubs. When making up hanging baskets and window boxes add 150g into the compost this will slowly release nutrients into the soil and plants.

You veg patch
You’ll be amazed at this product for growing vegetables you can really see the difference in the plants and roots. Whether you are doing the no-dig method, raised beds or traditional gardening this will be needed. Get your beds ready for planting. All 150g of the granular seaweed per square metre onto the soil or compost. While betterplants granular seaweed is low in NPK’s it makes up in nutrients and traces elements. Our granular seaweed has over 60 trace elements which are vital for healthy plants. (boron, calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur & zinc.


Also, why not check out our Cold Processed Liquid seaweed.

Gardening Product of the year !!!
Why are so many gardens choosing betterplants with Cold processed liquid seaweed?
It’s 100% Irish.
Organic ( because it is hand-harvested from the fresh, clean waters on the west coast of Ireland)
Results, Results & More Results.
Safe to use for you and the environment
Plant boosting & protecting
Betterplants Liquid seaweed is really special, and it is only by trying and seeing the results first hand yourself. Firstly, Our liquid seaweed contains natural hormones- like plant activators that promote healthy vegetative & root growth.

Secondly, Betterplants Liquid seaweed is more than just a fertiliser, Its is a biostimulant; Importantly, biostimulants are substances or microorganisms when applied to plants to improve their growth and development working on three levels.
Nutrition Efficiency, The plants are more efficient in taking nutrients from their environment and using them.
Stress Resistance, Plants and more tolerant to environmental stress caused by cold, drouth. This is why this organic liquid seaweed is extra essential when growing in polytunnels and greenhouses.
Quality & Yield, Spraying betterplants liquid seaweed regularly on your plants will improve flowering, Crop production & sweeter fruits.

Better Plants Tomato feed.

Betterplants Better Tomato feed is a completely natural product and safe for you and plants. I have been growing tomatoes for over 15 years and I have seen nearly every problem tomato plant can get. Over the years I have tried so many products and some worked and some of the really cheap products were just like water. The manufacturing process and what was actually in the product was is a few cases not good for the soil.

I wanted a 100% natural product that would Firstly protect my plants from pests and diseases. Secondly, give me a good healthy crop. Thirdly I wanted a product that would help tomato plants during stressful times and help plants recover faster. Moreover, a product that was safe to use with no chemicals. This is why we developed the Betterplants Better Tomato feed. This is a stand-alone product this has the perfect balance for your tomatoes.

Betterplants – Better Tomato Fertiliser is a unique formulation that contains pure organic seaweed extract with organic potassium enriched feed which stimulates plant and tomato growth giving better flavour, size and shape of tomatoes as well as helping root establishment and improving resistance to pests.

Apply the diluted feed to the compost/soil around the base of the plant until completely saturated. Avoid wetting the foliage.

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