Growth & Health Enhancer


Effectively Increases root growth.

This is a 10 Acre pack that contains

  • 2x Liquid seaweed biostimulant
  • 1x Liquid Defan V
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Spraying crops and weeds is essential, But most weed sprays and pesticides will stunt the growth of grass or crops after spraying. 


  • Improves nutrient intake
  • Grass and crops become more disease resistant.
  • Boosts photosynthesis
  • Increases sugar in plants
  • Rapidly revives stressed plants.

This growth stunt can last for a few days or weeks; It can inhibit photosynthesis in the grass and crops your crops and grass look sickly. 

They are often causing yellow spotting and purpling of the leaves. 

Thankfully, growth stunts on grass and crops will reduce by adding these two products with your sprays. They will minimise growth stunts, but they will also boost growth and protect your crops & grass during stressful conditions. 

They contain Liquid Nitrogen, trace elements and over 17 Amino Acids 

Amino Acids, therefore essential compounds:

 In addition, amino acids are the form of nutrient that the plant can use immediately for growth and yield.

  • A comprehensive mix of >17 L-α Free Amino Acids essential for plant growth
  • Only L-α Free Amino Acids are small enough to enter the plant quickly and efficiently.
  • L-α Free Amino Acids are Zwitterions, meaning they have positive and negative charges allowing them to penetrate the leaf layers easier.
  • During stress periods such as heat, drought and cold, plants utilise L-α Free Amino Acids peptides and particular proteins to detoxify the plants and resist stress and damage.
  • Increases absorption and translocation in tank mixes with systemic products
  • Apply to backwards corps to help recovery
  • Efficient source of organic Nitrogen for crops
  • Increases sugar & nutrients in the crops & grass. 

For more information, phone Ollie 086-3805921 


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