Indoor Worm farm


Worm farm, for indoor use , comes with two stacker

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Worm Farm

Betterplants Worm Farm is an indoor kit for composting kitchen biowaste. These are perfect for household use, in a classroom or office.
The bins are beautiful looking will convert your food waste into excellent compost. Composing with the worm farm is easy and odour free. But all other composting, there are a few simple rules to follow. This kit comes with trays where the worms eat the food waste and converts then into vermicompost, and it has a compartment to collect the liquid worm tea ( tea for your plants Not to drink)


Vermicompost is probably one of the most potent natural growth hormones, with billions of enzymes. Adding the compost to your garden or flower pots will give all your plants a boost of nutrients—nature treating nature. The complete cycle of food, The seed is planted, it turns into food, the scraps and waste goes into your worm farm and feeds the soil that feeds the plants that feel the humans.
The liquid the worm farm produces is excellent for your plants, and it’s nutrient-rich with enzymes essential to healthy plants growth and protects from pests and diseases.

Indoor worm farm

Weight 3 kg


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