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Liquid Humifirst – Humid Acids


Spraying 4-5l of Humifirst will increase the efficiency of your fertilisers & increase by 20% on NPK, & secondary nutrients and over 40% intake of trace elements. Spraying this on the soil will increase the profitability of fertilisers and reduce their environmental impact.

Your fertilisers will feed the soil and plants better without part of it polluting the environment going into the groundwater and getting locked in the soil.


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Humic acids are what make the difference to your soil and crops.

Humic acids like fulvic acids are vital for healthy soil and plants. Humic acids have a wider reach of effects on the soil and plants compared to fulvic acids.  This product is unique because it contains both humic and fulvic acids.

With both of these working together, humic helps improve soil structure and stability while the fulvic increases the uptake of nutrients to the plants. With the humic acids, it really excels the effect of the liquid compared with just fulvic on its own.

Improved soil structure for more water retention

  • Using humifirst help improves the structure of soils,
  • Getting the roots off faster and healthier.
  • Root development and growth is improved.
  • Lateral roots and root hairs and more active.
  • Increased root density
  • When you have a good healthy root system, the plant is more efficient at absorbing nutrients and water from the soil. Therefore this is optimal nutrition for the crops.
  • Let’s look at Nitrogen in the soil, using this liquid it will reduce the leaching of nitrates in the soil and will save farmers money on fertilisers. As we are all aware this is important to reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health.
  • Phosphorus, Humifirst improves the bonding and binding of phosphorus to the clay or to calcium.


  • It’s 100% soluble in water, has no sediments making it easy to use and avoids blockages in Sprayers.
  • Once you have used it, its a powerful root stimulant and increases root length and biomass
  • More importantly, it increases the quantity of secondary (hair) roots that absorb nutrients and water
  • Increases plant resistance to hydric and drought stress
  • Improves the Physical, Chemical and Biological characteristics of soil

Did you know that?

Between 25 – 35% of agricultural lands worldwide are or will be affected by Sodicity & Salinity.  

So what are Sodicity & Salinity 

  • Salinity: the number of salts in your soil, some of the most important ones are Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Chloride (Cl) and Sulphate (S) salts
  • Sodicity: The accumulation of Sodium (Na) in the soil

Why do salinity and sodicity have such a substantial impact on crop yield?


Both these can have a massive impact on crop yields and reduced profit for the farmer. Some of the problems caused by salinity & sodicity can include many different issues for your crops and soil health.

  1. Water imbalances in the soil: Sometimes crops can look like they are suffering from drought stress, but chances are this is due to the roots finding it harder to absorb water from the soil.
  2. Nutrient uptake can be reduced; the nutrients are locked in the soil because of the stress caused by salinity & sodicity.
  3. Crop and root energy deficiency, Crops are less able to absorb enough water and hold on to extra salts, which causes growth stunts.
  4. The growth rate is reduced; you will see a notable difference in yields, fruit sets & quality of the crops because of the factor above.

We can help you fix these issues.

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