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20ltr liquid seaweed

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Better Plants Growth & Health Enhancer is a fully organic certified liquid fertiliser. Adding 2ltrs of our seaweed into 100ltr of water per acre will..

  1. Effectively increase root growth rate.
  2. Increase nutrient uptake of the crops
  3. Crops & Grass more resistant to diseases.
  4. Photosynthesis is accelerated
  5. Increases sugar and nutrients in the grass & crops
  6. Rapidly revives stressed plants.

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Organic seaweed fertiliser. Save you money with amazing results.
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Organic seaweed fertiliser. Save you money with amazing results.
This item: 20ltr liquid seaweed 140.00 140.00
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Betterplants products are all 100% certified organic
The worlds safest farming products, safe for the environment, wildlife, you and your family
Better Plants Greener, Healthier crops

Firstly, GFS Soil & Plant Nutrition is a soil and crop biostimulant and soil conditioner. Secondly, it improves your soil structure and fertility and allows for optimum uptake of minerals and nutrients. In other words, when you’ve got healthy soil, you’ve got an essential and strong foundation for healthy plants and healthy animals. Above all, this is the perfect equation for a productive and profitable farm.  The good news is that you can improve the structure and fertility of your soil. In addition to a condition which provides optimum uptake of minerals and nutrients. The key to unlocking the goodness in your soil is adding a soil biostimulant and conditioner, BFS Soil Nutrition a product designed to do exactly that.

Greener Soil Solutions, nutrition helps to unlock the minerals and nutrients in the soil. Therefore making them bio-available and ready to be absorbed by the plant’s root. It also helps increase the biological activity in your soil, improving the quality, fertility and soil structure. Greener Soil Nutrition is designed to complement any farming nutrient management programme.

Let’s look at the process

This paragraph will discuss a few reasons why our Greener Fertilising Solutions will enhance your grass/crops. Firstly, our liquid is a biostimulant, especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations. Secondly, the result of gentle cold extraction is a green liquid extract, completely soluble.  Thirdly, and most importantly, when applied to grass and crops, it will improve their growth and development working on three levels:

  1. Nutritional Efficiency: The grass and plants are more efficient in taking nutrients from their environments and in using them. The grass will be much greener.
  2. Stress Resistance; Grass and crops will be more tolerant to environmental stresses, cold and drought. This is why this product is so effective in Ireland and the UK.
  3. Quality and yield will improve once the soil/crop/nutrients are all in balance, the crops will produce more and yields will be higher and an increase in sugar in the crops.
Understanding Better Plants Liquid Organic Seaweed

Firstly, Greener Soil Solutions is designed to integrate with nature’s own soil processes and plant health (Soil pH) to provide healthy, high-yielding plant growth.  At the same time, GSS helps protects healthy soil, earthworms and soil micro-organisms through a supply of natural, enzyme-enriched nutrients. Healthy, productive soil contains billions of micro-organisms which break down minerals, feed on dead plant and animal materials, break down proteins, sugars, fatty substances, starches, cellulose etc, and liberate carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other minerals in a plant-available form.

GFS Benefits
  • A specially formulated combination of natural seaweed.
  • Provides a range of fertilising elements.
  • Minimises loss from leaching.
  • Maximises nutrient uptake and efficiency.
  • Activates and improves enzymatic activity both in the plant and the soil.
  • Assists plants recovering from stress-related setbacks.  Healthy plants are more resistant to pest attacks.
  • Healthy soil micro-organisms colonise root systems and produce enzymes and natural antibiotics to protect plant root systems from pathogens.
  • It contains active components that are preserved by our gentle, low-temperature cold extraction process. These components influence germination and sprouting, flowering and fruit set, and reduce the impact of climate and salinity stress naturally contains hormone-like plant activators that actively promote vegetative and root growth.
  • Does not contain artificial hormones.

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Weight 20 kg

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for 20ltr liquid seaweed

  1. Colm (verified owner)

    Does what it says . Good delivery value no complaints, Really happy with this product and will be ordering again.

  2. Mervyn (verified owner)

    good company to deal with, products are excellent, super easy to use and amazing results

  3. Paul D. (verified owner)

    I have not used the product yet but the delivery service was very quick

  4. Kathleen S. (verified owner)

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