Microgreens Soil Free Grow Kit (Bronze Pack)


Microgreen Grow Kits – mess-free, stress-free!.

Growing your own microgreens at home is no more a difficult task,  try our soil-free, Non-GMO &  nutrient-packed Microgreen growing kits!

What is included in each Box?
  1. A complete instruction manual
  2. 4 Packs of seeds , Pea , Sunflower, Cress & Radish
  3. Two growing tray each of 22 cm X 17 cm  enough for growing two crops side by side.
  4. Four hemp grow mats sufficient for four yields
  5. 1 Water spraying bottle to keep your microgreen mist
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Microgreens Bronze Pack
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Microgreens Bronze Pack
This item: Microgreens Soil Free Grow Kit (Bronze Pack) 24.95 24.95

Organic Growing Microgreen kits ( Bronze Pack)

Stress-Free, Mess-Free

We at Betterplants try to bring the finest quality Microgreens that make grow well without any stress. This is the reason we have pot together these kits. We know choosing which microgreens to grow and be difficult. In these packs we have our favourite microgreen that will give you great crops every time.

We take pride in being family gardeners , and our gardening experience is stretched over decades. We carefully select non-GMO seeds that have excellent germination rates and are enriched with outstanding nutritional benefits. After careful selection of the most vibrant organic seeds, we offer our soil-free, Non-chemical, and nutria dense Microgreen Kits.

Our Organic Microgreen kits are a complete tool kit that comes with everything needed to start over.

Each Microgreen Kit comes with

  • 4 X Grow mats for microgreens
  • 4 Seeds
  • 2 x seed tray

Above all, top-notch support and instruction without any extra charges. Our mission is to provide only pesticides free, high-quality seeds that grow at home quickly with fun. Our freshly non-GMO seeds can harvest between 80-160g microgreens per hemp grow mat.

Benefits of growing your own microgreens at home

  • Microgreens are easy to grow at home, and if you don’t have a garden, you can grow them in seeding trays in the kitchen.
  • You’ll get freshly harvested and chemical-free delicious superfood without any hassle
  • Soilless growing without creating any mess
  • Tiny in size but full of nutrition but a perfect addition in salads, sandwiches, or other food.
  • Give a healthy hobby to your children and grow their own superfood; they will love to eat their produce.
  • Enjoy your fresh food without any waste and without spending extra money.
  • You are enjoying a good hobby, along with keeping your environment clean, saving water, food spoilage, and carbon emission.
  • Create a more attractive indoors when adding these green kits to your kitchen
  • Easy to replace seed trays and mats to keep your microgreens fresh and lively.
  • Imagine your grown crop is ready to eat right after 7 to 10 days.
Quantity discount

1, 2, 3, 4, Seed Trays with mats


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