Nitro Boost+ & Seaweed 10 acre Pack


We have put together these two unique products of liquid seaweed and Nitrogen.

This pack will boost grass and crop health and soil health.

Unlike granular nitrogen, where only 40% is used by the plant.

Our liquid, 60% is absorbed by the leaf and 40% by the root

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Introducing the Better Plants Liquid Nitrogen and Seaweed 10-Acre Pack!

This pack contains 20ltr seaweed + 20ltr Liquid nitrogen; 15ltr  nitrogen will cover 10 acres, so you will have extra N for another five acres.

Enhance your grass growth and boost soil health with our grass-boosting pack. Packed with over 17% nitrogen, essential trace elements, and the natural goodness of seaweed, this pack is designed to take your plant growth to new heights.

🌱 Boost Grass Growth: Our liquid nitrogen formula provides a significant nitrogen boost, fueling rapid and healthy grass growth. Perfect for all-year-around spraying.

🌿 Soil & Root Enhancer: This pack goes beyond just grass growth. The added seaweed is a powerful soil and root enhancer, enriching the soil with valuable nutrients and promoting robust root development. Your grass will be firmly anchored, better able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and more resilient against pests and diseases.

🌾 Improves Soil Health: Our carefully formulated blend nourishes your grass and rejuvenates the soil. The seaweed’s trace elements and organic compounds stimulate beneficial microbial activity, improving soil structure and nutrient availability. You’ll notice healthier, more fertile soil that supports long-term plant growth.

🌿 Easy Application: Our liquid formulation ensures convenient and efficient application. Follow the instructions and effortlessly cover up to 10 acres of land. The pack is designed to save you time and effort, making it ideal for grazing ground or silage

🌱 Environmentally Friendly: We take pride in our commitment to sustainable practices. The BetterPlants Liquid Nitrogen and Seaweed 10 Acre Pack is derived from natural, organic sources, ensuring that your lawn receives the best care while minimizing environmental harm.

Using Nitrogen on Grazing ground, keep animals off the grass for two weeks and the same when cutting silage.

Mix 1.5 ltr nitrogen + 2Ltr seaweed with 100ltr water per acre.


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