Better Plants

No Dig Gardening Pack


No Dig Gardening Pack


This pack contains:

2x 10kg dried milled seaweed

2 x 1 Ltr Cold processed liquid seaweed.



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Introducing the Better Plants No Dig Pack: Unlock the Power of Seaweed for Thriving Plants!

Charles Dowding

Discover the secret to flourishing gardens and bountiful harvests with the Better Plants No Dig Pack, as seen in the videos of the renowned No Dig expert Charles Dowding. This comprehensive pack contains two 10kg bags of premium milled seaweed and two litres of cold-processed liquid seaweed, revolutionizing how you nourish your plants.

Powerful Soil

The cornerstone of this extraordinary pack is the milled seaweed, a treasure trove of nutrients harvested from the ocean’s depths. Packed with over 20 times more nutrients than any plant on land, this unique seaweed becomes the perfect soil conditioner, fuelling beneficial microbes and providing your plants with precisely what they need to thrive.

All Natural

By integrating it into your gardening routine, you can watch your plants reach new heights of health and vibrancy. It acts as a natural tonic for the soil, boosting its fertility and enriching it with essential minerals which contribute to robust plant growth. With this nutrient powerhouse, your gardening journey will take a remarkable turn.

Cold Processed Liquid Seaweed

The No Dig Pack from Better Plants contains a generous two litres of cold-processed liquid seaweed, renowned for its exceptional potency. This liquid serves as an incredible foliar feed, allowing you to provide your vegetables, flowers, and indoor plants with a fast nutrient boost. Apply the liquid seaweed as a fine spray over the foliage, and witness your plants absorb the goodness they crave.

Roots & Plants

Not only does the liquid seaweed benefit above-ground growth, but it also nourishes the roots of your plants. Using it as a root feed ensures that your plants receive a natural tonic that strengthens their root system, ultimately leading to sturdier, more resilient plants.

Certified Organic

Emphasizing the importance of organic and safe gardening practices, the milled seaweed and the liquid seaweed are certified organic, making them environmentally friendly and gentle on your plants. They are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of your family, pets, and wildlife.

With the Better Plants No Dig Pack, unleash your garden’s full potential and cultivate a haven of thriving plants.

Join the ranks of successful gardeners who have harnessed the nourishing power of seaweed to grow luscious fruits, vibrant vegetables, and exquisite blooms. Take the next step in your gardening journey and let the Better Plants No Dig Pack be your key to a flourishing and sustainable garden.

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