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Pet Hair Allergy, Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency Testing


How to know that your dog has an allergy or vitamin deficiency? Or if he needs a special diet? Try Betterplant’s affordable allergy testing kits to know if your beloved dog or cat suffers from a mineral deficiency or having an inhalant allergy. If your dog or cat shows any symptom of severe hair loss, difficulty in moving, or any joint pain, inflammation, or dry or itchy skin, then it’s time to do an at-home allergy test

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Common symptoms of pet’s allergy

Most of the typical allergy symptoms in dogs and cats that pet’s owner reports are

  • Chronic Paw chewing
  • Ear shaking and scratching
  • Red skin or Itchy scrabbed skin
  • Itchy ears and recurrent ear infections
  • Sneezing
  • Constant face licking or rubbing the face
  • Hives on the skin (they resemble bumps on the skin)
  • Dogs or cats may have swollen lips, eyelids, faces or ears as a severe reaction to certain food supplements, plants, sting, or insect bites.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting are also an indication of food allergy
  • Constant water discharge from eyes or mouth
  • Hair loss

If your dog or cats shows any of these allergy symptoms,, you should try to find out if they lack any mineral or vitamin that is causing this allergy or are allergic to any plant, food, or any other environmental effect. Our pet allergy test for dogs can find the possible causes of your pet’s allergy.

Once done with our best pet allergy test, you can find out if your dog/ cat is Mineral or vitamin deficient that can result in

  • Itchy/ dry/ red skin in dogs/ cats
  • Severe joint pain or stiffness
  • Watery or sore eyes
  • Hair loss


Why Betterplant’s Pet allergy tests

We have experience of over 20 years in testing the pet’s allergy. Our specialized pet tests will not only reveal the possible allergens triggering allergy in your dogs or cats but also point out if they are deficient in vitamins or minerals. We can also test the foods given to your pets, and you can also send us food samples to check if they are creating any trouble for your beloved pet or not.

Our test results will include

  • A list of allergens causing trouble to your pets
  • Detailed instruction and guidelines about foods and supplement that should be given to your pets
  • Possible remedies to the allergies or deficiency with suggestions like probiotics, food supplements, omega3 oil, and many others


sample collection kit for hair allergy

you’ll get a sample kit to collect the pet’s hair for testing all at the comfort of home. We’ll send you the sample kit right after your order with all the instructions on how to collect the sample hairs of your pets for testing

How will you get results?

We will inform you on the test results and recommendations to be carried out after the test results.



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