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Poly Tunnel Liquid Plant & Soil Natural Biostimulant

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Why are biostimulants important for your plants?  Spraying or watering with biostimulants will affect plants’ general well-being, it makes them more resilient to harsh growing conditions.

Bettrplants liquid will provide your plants with specific tolerance against abiotic stress, such as drought, salinity or extreme temperatures. It also reduces the need for artifical fertilizers and increases the yields of the plants.

This product is 100% Irish & Organic


How to have a healthy Polytunnel 


Growing in polytunnels is fantastic, especially here in Ireland & UK with the weather we have for most of the year. It’s so lovely to be able to work in your garden while it’s raining outside. I have been growing in polytunnels for over 15 years, and there is honestly nothing I haven’t seen, good and bad.  

But growing vegetables in polytunnels is not natural for vegetables and plants. And like anything growing in abnormal situations will create some challenges.

  • Lack of moisture for the plants.
  • Heat stress
  • Mildew mid-late summer
  • Pest 
  • Diseases 
  • Fungal issue 

But with the proper vigilance and treatments, you can have a bumper crop. 

Keep Your Plants & Soil Healthy

We have developed this liquid biostimulant foliar feed, especially for polytunnels and greenhouses. Weekly misting of plants with betterplants Liquid biostimulant will improve plant quality and protect against stresses. 

What is a biostimulant? 

Biostimulants are natural liquid substances; our liquid is from all-natural ingredients from marine plants and organic 100% vegetal amino acid. You can spray on seeds, plants, and soil.

 When sprayed directly onto the leaf of the plants, it will improve plant growth through enhanced tolerance to abiotic stresses and increase pest & disease resistance. In addition, biostimulants reduce the need for fertilizers. 

  • Betterplants liquid biostimulant contains a unique formula for t contains fast-absorbing Organic nutrients from marine plants and L-α amino acids (Zwitterions)  that are readily available to your plants, allowing them to penetrate the leaf layers easier.
  • 17 Free Amino Acid types
  • Natural Polyphenols, Alginates, Mannitols, Fucoidans, Laminarans and anti-oxidants.
  • Complete and balanced aminogram


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