Potato Growing Pack


Give you potatoes the best fertilisers with betterplants soil improver pellets and liquid seaweed.


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Grow Like a pro ..

Is there anything nicer than your own homegrown potatoes, ahh the flavour, the fluffy, with a knob of butter,

Top Tips for Growing Potatoes 

  1. Prepare the soil by digging and removing weeds. 
  2. Choose a location that gets full sun, at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.
  3. Add Organic fertilisers ( slow releasing ) Betterplant’s soil improver pellets will slowly release nutrients to the plants while they are growing & have the perfect balance of NPK & organic matter for growing healthy potatoes. Rate ( 100g per sqm) 
  4. Spray seeds with cold processed liquid seaweed before covering with soil will increase germination, encourage better root mass, more vigorous plant growth and higher tuber numbers. 
  5. Space the seeds around 12 inches apart. 
  6. If you have time, chit the potatoes before planting.
  7. When the plants are nine inches tall. mould or mulch around the plants this will encourage more tubers to form 
  8. Spray the new plants with liquid seaweed will protect against stress and increase yield (When spraying for blight, add some liquid seaweed in this will help the spray absorb better and add extra nutrients) 
  9. Potatoes require plenty of water, especially as the tubers form; watering during the dry spells is essential, drouth can affect the size of the potatoes. 
  10. Watch out for the late spring frost, have some covers on standby to cover the new growth. Also, the spray will better plant liquid seaweed a few days before frost. 

I hope this helps you grow healthy, tasty potatoes.

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