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Root Booster

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  • 100% soluble in water, with no insolubles or sediments, avoiding blockages in application equipment
  • Betterplants Root dip  is a powerful root stimulant and increases root length and biomass
  • Increases the quantity of secondary (hair) roots that absorb nutrients and water



Better Plants Root Booster

If you are starting your own garden and are planning on growing vegetables getting good soil quality is key to the success of your garden. Low quality soil will yield low quality crops and plants. We developed this root booster to help gardeners improve their soil and plants. There is nothing nicer that growing your own vegetables, but if your vegetables are not producing it becomes a stress. We want to take the stress out of growing and make it simple to to improve soil health.

Firstly, our root booster contains Humic and fulvic acids that are extracted from leonardite. Secondly, it ensures better absorption of the phosphor and more efficient use of all nutrients during the growing season (better soil structure, more roots). Thirdly, and most importantly, Better Plants root booster has had a proven effect on many crops and plants when sprayed on seeds after planting or you can dip or spray the root of plants before transplanting. In Conclusion, it will improve seed gemmation and transplant shock. The black liquid will  help protect plants form environmental abiotic stresses such as heat, cold, drought and flooding. It’s the prefect boost for all your plants, vegetables, fruit trees, hedging, herbs, and flowers. Moreover, if you are growing in polytunnels or greenhouses this product will make a big difference to your plants.

Why use Better Plants Organic Root Booster

When soil organic matter is lost from soil, Humic Acids are also lost. Soil organic matter and Humic Acids together play a fundamental role in the maintenance of a good soil structure. When soil organic matter and Humic Acid levels are reduced or lost from soil, the soil loses the “glue” or “web” that holds and binds soil together, resulting in a weakened or collapsed soil structure.

Benefits of using Better Plants Root Booster 

It is easy to see in the previous simplified illustration how soil organic matter and Humic Acids help to hold the soil together, resulting in a soil structure that;

  • facilitates water infiltration during rain and irrigation.
  • provides a reservoir of nutrients and fibre for plant and healthy microbial growth
  • reduces soil erosion.
  • increases water storage capacity helping sustain crop growth during summer or dry periods.
  • allows for pore spaces between soil particles for roots to grow and absorb nutrients.
  • Improves germination
  • Improves root growth & development
  • Optimises the absorption of phosphor and blocked trace elements from the soil.
  • Better soil structure

Our Root Booster produces

  • An early crop
  • Improves quality and higher yield
  • Better resistance against stress 
  • Heathier growth 
  • You only use it once on your plants. 

Regardless of the type of soil degradation, growers tend to experience the same result: an increased risk of reduced yield and reduced quality. The FAO estimates that 38% of global cropland suffers from some form of soil degradation such as; poor soil water infiltration, reduced nutrient availability,  or adverse soil pH.  All these issues result in the loss of soil structure and soil organic matter leading in the end to more unpredictable harvests and reduced plants quality. The most obvious way to help reduce the loss of soil organic matter is through the application of crop residues and compost back to the soil, and this should always be encouraged. This can be achieved by adding harvest residues directly back to soil at harvest, by growing cover crops in the off season or through the addition of composts. Composts are an excellent source of fibre and nutrients for healthy soil microbiota and plant growth, and essentially also contain dilute forms of Humic Acids. All of these components are beneficial to soil structure.  They are often present from day one of the crop cycle and usually increase in intensity as the crop develops across the season.

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2 reviews for Root Booster

  1. Anthony Gillespie (verified owner)

    This product is a must before replanting things on. Plants just thrive.

  2. Jenny D. (verified owner)

    Used this product last year when transplanting tomatoes and other plants into beds and pots. Looking forward to using it this year!

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