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Better roses treatment pack
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Better roses treatment pack
This item: Rose Treatment Pack 37.00 37.00
1 × Better Plants Roses Tonic 12.95
1 × The Liquid Trio 40.00

🌹🌿 Introducing the Betterplants Rose Care Pack! 🌿🌹

Are you passionate about growing beautiful roses that bloom with vibrant colours and emit a delightful fragrance? Look no further! Betterplants presents the ultimate solution to enhance your rose garden with our exclusive Rose Care Pack. Elevate your gardening experience and enjoy a blooming paradise right in your backyard.

1️⃣ Betterplants Organic Rose Tonic: Give your roses the love they deserve with our premium Organic Rose Tonic. This foliar feed is formulated for fast absorption, ensuring plants receive essential nutrients quickly. Say goodbye to black spots and protect your roses against pests, diseases, and stress. Simply spray your plants weekly for optimal results and watch them thrive like never before!

2️⃣ Betterplants Root Booster: Boost the development of strong, healthy roots with our powerful Root Booster. This root feed is designed to enhance the uptake of nutrients from the soil, providing your roses with the foundation they need to flourish. Give your roses an annual treat with this specially crafted formula and witness the incredible growth and vitality they achieve.

3️⃣ Soil Treatment with Betterplants Milled Seaweed: Nourish your roses from the ground up with Betterplants Milled Seaweed, a remarkable soil treatment. Packed with essential nutrients, this product gradually nourishes your roses, ensuring they receive a steady supply of goodness. Simply sprinkle a generous handful around each plant and let nature work its magic!

🌿🌹 Discover the Difference! 🌹🌿

With the Betterplants Rose Care Pack, you can transform your rose garden into a breathtaking sanctuary of beauty and elegance. Our meticulously crafted products are designed to give your roses the care they deserve, resulting in stronger plants, healthier blooms, and an enchanting garden that will captivate every passerby.

🌱🌷 Experience the Joy of Growing Radiant Roses! 🌷🌱

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create a thriving rose garden. Order your Betterplants Rose Care Pack today and witness the extraordinary transformation of your roses. Unleash the power of nature with Betterplants and let your roses flourish like never before!


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