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Irish organic seaweed supplement for dogs and cats- 150gr

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Better Plant’s seaweed supplement for dogs and cats is one of the most organic minerals richer diet supplements. Our Kelp for dogs is 100% organic and hand-picked from Ireland’s coastal areas, where the brown seaweed is harvested in abundance.

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Benefits of Better Plants organic seaweed supplement for dogs and cats

We at Better Plants have the healthiest powder kelp organic seaweed supplement for dogs and cats. The natural kelp supplement is a super food that promotes healthy glandular activity and is a rich source of amino acids, iodine, iron, lignans, antioxidants and probiotics. The healthy combination of all essential nutrients provides exceptional support for your pet’s overall health.

Finest Irish kelp for dogs

Better Plants pride’s themselves on providing one of the premium quality Irish kelp for dogs and cats, harvested from the cleanest, richest waters of West Coast of Ireland. The Kelp is naturally enriched with iodine that supports thyroids in dogs and maintains healthy skin and coats. We use traditional hand-harvesting techniques and our seaweed diet supplement for dogs has undergone several quality control tests including chemical, pesticides and nutrient regulators.

Better skin, coat, and dental health with potent sea kelp powder

The kelp is naturally enriched with iodine that supports thyroids in dogs and helps maintain a healthy skin and coat. The sea kelp supplement is an excellent source of iodine for dogs. It is scientifically proven that iodine improves not only overall health, but also proves effective in longevity. Most vets recommend seaweed for iodine intake for dog’s dental care because it helps break down tarter. Also, it improves overall gum and teeth health. Regular use of seaweed food supplements helps provide pets with shinier and softer coats and helps reduce any itchiness or dry skin.

Better digestion and strong healing

The seaweed supplement is enriched with antioxidants and probiotics. That’s why it works wonderfully to improve digestion in dogs and cats. Probiotic supplements for dogs help in maintaining good digestion but also improves immunity. The seaweed supplement is naturally dense in calcium, leading to better bones and joint structure. The higher amount of amino acids present in seaweed helps provide speedy healing from injury and scars.

Cats 2 – 3g per day – half a teaspoon. Dogs 4 – 5g per day per 10kg weight.

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