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Is seaweed good for my , Cattle , Sheep, Horses?

Yes, absolutely! This seaweed lick bucket is an unique blend of Irish Seaweed and added minerals making it the perfect all round animal supplement

  • Supports animal performance especially at grass and on high forage rations
  • Suitable for all classes of ruminant livestock.


Animal Licks Buckets
Containing 100% Irish  seaweed meal
Is seaweed good for my, Cattle, Sheep, Horses?

Firstly, our Seaweed Lick buckets are an unique blend of organic Irish Seaweed. Secondly, our seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulates appetite and  improves energy. Thirdly, and most importantly most animal’s bodies do not produce all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Therefore, adding a natural mineral rich supplement like seaweed to their diets will make a big difference.

  • Animals can develop greater resistance to diseases by maintaining a proper balance of micronutrients in their diet.
  • Promotes healthy growth and animal performance.
  • Essential roughage in seaweed helps maintain healthy intestinal functions.
  • Enhances animal performance, particularly when they are primarily fed with grass and high forage rations.
  • Suitable for all classes of ruminant livestock.

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few benefits of Organic Seaweed for livestock and as a fertiliser. Firstly, it is also a good source of amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Secondly, seaweed is an essential element in livestock diets. Therefore, feeding seaweed to cattle has been proven to increase overall health and growth rates but more recently preliminary research has indicated a small amount of the marine added to cattle feed can reduce methane emissions from cattle gut microbes by as much as 99%.

Organic Liquid fertiliser  Firstly, our liquid is more that just a fertiliser.  Secondly, it is able to modulate and regulate the expression of the genes of crops and plants. For instance, it will help them to develop and  protected against the environmental stresses. Thirdly, it is a Biostimulant which improves growth & development. Therefore this works on 3 levels.

  •  Nutritional Efficiency – The plants & crops are more efficient at obtaining nutrients from its environment and in assimilating them.
  • Stress Resistance – Tolerance to environmental stress and abiotic stresses Cold, Salinity, Drought.
  • Quality  – Level of quality and yield, improved flowering, yield increase in crops and grass.

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