Soil Fertility Pack


This ten-acre pack will boost soil fertility and crop growth. We have been promoting these products for over ten years with excellent results.

Why not try it on ten acres and see the difference yourself?

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liquid fertilisers for growing nutrient rich grass and boosting soil fertility
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+Animal Supplements, Taking the best irish seaweed, processing the seaweed to ensure all the goodness of there raw seaweed is available to your animals
+Organic seaweed fertiliser. Save you money with amazing results.
liquid fertilisers for growing nutrient rich grass and boosting soil fertility
This item: Soil Fertility Pack 330.00 330.00
1 × 20kg Animal Supplement 42.00
Betterplants products are all 100% certified organic
the words safest farming products , safe for the environment, wildlife, you and your family ,

Soil Fertility is Key to healthy grass and crops.  

Betterplants Liquid Black Gold and Cold Processed Liquid Seaweed are two powerful organic fertilizers that can help farmers improve the health and productivity of their crops.

Betterplants Liquid Black Gold is made from a blend of natural organic matter, including humic and fulvic acids, that work to improve soil fertility, increase nutrient uptake, and promote healthy root growth. It also contains Potassium (K)  By applying Liquid Black Gold to their soil; Farmers can enhance crop growth and yields while reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

The seaweed differents

Cold Processed Liquid Seaweed is another natural fertilizer that provides numerous benefits for plant growth and health. This seaweed-based fertilizer is rich in essential nutrients and sugars that benefit plant growth, leading to increased yields and higher-quality produce. Moreover, the application of Cold Processed Liquid Seaweed can also boost root development, leading to more substantial and more resilient plants that are better able to withstand environmental stressors.

Together they work magic on soil and crop.

These organic fertilizers are sustainable and effective ways to improve plant health and productivity while reducing the environmental impact of traditional farming practices. By using Betterplants Liquid Black Gold and Cold Processed Liquid Seaweed, growers can promote healthy, vibrant plants and improve the overall sustainability of their operations.


This pack contain 40ltr liquid Black Gold & 20ltr liquid seaweed.

We recommend spraying the Black Gold on first at a rate of 4ltrs per acre

When the weather heats up spray the seaweed 2ltr per acre


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