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Spring Soil Treatment Pack

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Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants

Your soil was busy all spring and summer growing veg and flowers; during the growing season, these plants will have used up a lot of nutrients in the soil. Now is the perfect time to replace the nutrients so the soil will be ready in the spring for planting.

Adding seaweed to your soil will give it a natural boost of nutrients. These are products are 100% natural and organic. Seaweed contains over 20 times more nutrients than any known land plant.

The NPK pellets will improve the soil structure and these pellets are unique as they contain bio-active insect chitin, it will boost the soil and improve root development and plant growth, we have seen amazing results and they reduce the impact of aphids.

Organic matter is so important for the soil to increase the worm activity in your garden.


Brian Kearney Great product and easy to scatter on the soil


Now is the perfect time to feed the soil

Looking after the soil during the winter and early spring months is very important, adding organic matter is key to building healthy soil.

Adding only 100g per square metre will increase soil fertility and nutrients in the soil. Seaweed is the number one fertiliser you can put in your garden. It conditions the soil and gives it an extra boost for the growing season.

Both these products will help increase worms in the soil and feed the microbes, microbes are the determining factor in soil fertility. Nature uses microbes to feed plants so keeping these little guys healthy and happy is so important.

My usual practice has been to incorporate Better Plants pellets, which are rich in organic matter, into the mix. This helps maintain a contented worm population and results in more fertile soil by the time spring arrives.

Adding granular seaweed will make a massive difference to the soil, replacing nutrients in the soil that were used during the growing season.

  1. Remove any weeds and roots,
  2. Add these both into the soil.
  3. Rake in well
  4. Cover the soil with cardboard and some extra soil or weed control

Pack contains:

10 kg bag of Organic Granular Seaweed which covers over 500sm

10l bucket of Organic Npk pellets

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Spring Soil Treatment Pack

  1. Brian Kearney (verified owner)

    Great product and easy to scatter on the soil

  2. Sharon (verified owner)

    I used these products last year and I love them, so easy to use and the seaweed smells fabulous, looking forward to next growing season.

  3. Stephanie Battle (verified owner)

    I’m already seeing an increase in worms! I’m absolutely delighted how the soil is looking. Now for some yummy vegetables.

  4. Connie Martin (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast . I haven’t used product yet!

  5. James Bach (verified owner)

    Product looks and smells perfect. Delivery and support were top notch. Decent value for money considering the volume of product and amount of space you can cover. I will likely be using them again.

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