Worm Tower Special Offer


Better Plants Worm Towers reduces household waste and feeds your garden at the same time.

These towers are designed to work all year round making them a safe and simple way to compost. They can be fitted in any part of your garden, rockeries, flowers beds, vegetable patch.


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What is a worm tower, you might ask? 

 A worm tower is, essentially, a mini worm farm that you plant in the garden that continually feeds your garden and provides you with a rich, ongoing source of fertilizer. 

They are low cost to get started, straightforward to fit, nearly effortless to maintain and will last for many years. 

You can fit them in polytunnels, outdoor veg patches, in with your shrubbery or flower beds. 

Step 1 Choose a place for it in your garden.

Step 2. Dig a hole and pop the tower in.

Step 3. Add compost worms about 100g – 200g 

Step 4. Start adding food waste ( Remember worms don’t have teeth, so chop the waste as finely as posable)  

The only real question to ask yourself is Why don’t I already have one?

It is scientifically proven that worm casting proves beneficial in improving soil structure and sustaining for plant growth. The Worm tower helps in rich, fertile soil that nurtures the plant’s life. BetterPlant’s worm tower provides you with a better worm composting solution that will suffice your garden’s needs all year long. It is built in a significant way that allows drainage and air circulation to the soil. Also, it is easy to set up with a vertical design that can easily be set up in your garden or home kitchen, and you won’t need to worry about worms falling out of the structure.

What is a Worm Tower, and why do you need it in your garden?

Worm tower is a sort of worm-producing factory at your place. It’s a kind of bin erected in the ground where the worms enter in and out of the tower through the holes. You can put in the tower compostable waste in the tower, and worms will consume it and scatter casting in the garden’s soil.

How does worm tower work?

Worm tower is one of the oldest techniques used by gardeners to fertilize the soil naturally. When you partially bury a worm tower in your garden, it will attract worms, and you can dispose of your kitchen waste to feed them. The worms will feed on this waste, and in return, they will leave their worm casing, which will naturally fertilize your garden soil. These worm towers are easily installed and require less maintenance. You will need to remove the worm casing once a year only so you could store more worms in the tower.

What kind of waste can work best as worm food?

All kitchen waste types like banana peel, carrot skin and tops, vegetable peel, apple, tomatoes, and all types of vegetables can work as food fuel for worms. Besides kitchen waste, you can use grass clippings, dried leaves, paper waste, toilet paper rolls, junk mail, and any other sort of paper that can be dumped in the worm tower.

How to install a worm tower in your garden?

  • The height of the worm tower is 800mm, or 1M tall.
  • To install the worm tower, dig a hole in the soil of 30cm deep and 18cm wide
  • Fix the worm tower in this hole and fill the soil around it to cover it.
  • Now add some compost and worms in the worm tower, and you are good to go


Weight 20 kg


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