Tomato growers Pack


This pack has everything you need for growing the best tomatoes. All our products are natural and organic so you can be sure the tomatoes and vegetables you are eating are 100% chemical free and safe for your family.

In this pack, you will get.

  1. Cold processed liquid seaweed ( for misting your plants)
  2. Tomato feed ( feeding the roots) High in potash.
  3. Root Booster for healthy roots
  4. 10kg bag of granular seaweed

This pack is perfect for all your garden needs if you are growing strawberries, flowers, or hanging baskets. They will keep all your garden plants healthy.


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Discover how you can Grow Healthy Plants

I would like to congratulate you on growing your own vegetables it is such an amazing thing to do. There is nothing like having your own tasty homegrown strawberries and tomatoes.

We have put this pack together for you, so you will have everything you need, to keep your plants and soils healthy during the growing season. Strawberries and   Tomatoes are hungry plants, which means you need to feed them with good nutrition when they are producing fruits.

If you wanted you could follow what I do with mine.

  • Soil health is key ( Healthy soil = Healthy plants ) Add the granular seaweed to the soil or compost whether in containers or direct into your garden. This is slow releasing and holds the moisture around the plants better.
  • Roots, ( Healthy Roots, Healthy Shoots = Healthy Fruits) Dip the roots of your plants into the root booster this will boost the root growth and the energy the root has to develop. It also helps with transplant shock.
  • Feeding, Spraying / Misting the leaves of the plants with betterplants unique liquid seaweed, is an instant hit of nutrients for your plants and will protect the plant against stress, Also when you spray the leaves with our liquid, is proven that the nutrient is absorbed 10 times fast then root feeding.
  • Root feeding, whey your plants are flowering, feeding and watering regular is key to healthy plants and fruits.  This is why we adding the tomato feed to the pack, Now you are feeding the plants from the root up and the leaves down. This is a powerful way to feed your plants
Weight 12 kg


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